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Meet those who believe in us

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As the University of Alberta’s entrepreneurship centre, eHUB provides inclusive and educational opportunities to enhance the entrepreneurial skills, capacities and impact of our youth while enabling Alberta’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems to grow and flourish. They have a new Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
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Cushman and Wakefield

Cushman and Wakefield puts clients and people at the center of what’s next in the world of real estate.
Their purpose is to make an impact. Their work meaningful value for our clients, business, shareholders,  people, communities and world.

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Flip Learning

Flip Learning is a boutique management consultancy focused on transforming the way organizations learn and change, using a human-centred method. They have service offerings of: Change Management & Culture, Strategy & Consultation, Organizational Learning & Development and Skills for the Future.


A powerhouse of collaborative innovation for middle market companies looking to capture a competitive edge, our teams bring innovative ideas and tools to each client relationship along with our proven methodologies and technologies.

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